With a successful Summit behind me, I can help!
How I Got My First 1109 Subscribers In 
4 Weeks Without Ads

Alyssa Tong, August 16, 2019

Welcome! I just finished hosting the Strings Virtual Summit. It ran Monday-Friday from August 12-16 and involved over 30 speakers, promoters and donors.

We had over 1,100 registered.

We had 67 total sales.

Which equaled over $4,500.

We gained over 350 Facebook likes and 1,060 Instagram followers.

We had a conversion rate of 7.94%. Most launches have about a 1% conversion rate. (Conversion rate is what percent of people bought a product that saw the webpage or were sent an email.)

This is huge for a first event! This is huge for any event!

But get this. I started with NOTHING.

Nada. No email list, no Instagram following, no Facebook page.

I'm a college student. I have no professional career.

I didn't spend any ad money, didn't buy any followers, or buy any likes.

So how did I do it?

Social media strategy and organized execution. Plus a few tools along the way.

Knowing the audience I needed to reach, I developed a social media strategy and executed very intentionally.

Watch my live video below to hear the full details.

And I'm planning my next launch. Specifics are in the works, but I'm ready to launch again.

What about you?

Ready to take a leap?

Want to get a jump start yourself?

I want to help.

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